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Since 2003, Perma-Liner™ has been a direct provider of CIPP equipment and materials to more than 20 municipalities across the United States through our Municipal Partnership Program. These government offices went through specific onsite training and certification programs, along with purchasing Perma-Liner equipment and materials, in order to become certified installers of the CIPP method.

By using Perma-Liner equipment and materials, government offices are able to repair existing sewer systems and complete the installations themselves without hiring a third party to do the work for them. These offices are saving thousands of dollars by doing all work in-house, and they control all aspects of rehabilitating the sewer system.

Three key equipment systems that are the most popular amongst municipalities are our Sectional Main Line Point Repair system, our Perma-Main™ system and our InnerSeal™ Lateral Connection system technology. The Sectional Point Repair system is manufactured in kit form and can be cured in less than three hours. All training, kits and equipment can be purchased for less than $15,000. The Perma-Main system is the #1 CIPP preventative maintenance tool engineered to solve infiltration and inflow. This technology is 100 percent trenchless with no rehabilitation required. The Perma-Main operates with air only with a quick inversion time of under 10 minutes and curing times less than three hours. Finally, the InnerSeal is an engineered CIPP solution for repairing defective laterals and the connection to the mainline. This product meets the ASTM F2561-16 standards for lateral to main connection and is a licensed, patented technology. With more than 50,000 successful installations, the InnerSeal technology has been proven to be the most effective, least disruptive and longest lasting lateral rehabilitation system.

It’s time for municipalities to start controlling their infrastructure rehabilitation work, or, at the least, consider bringing the work in-house. Perma-Liner provides a solid partnership plan that delivers actual savings to our clients. Our unique equipment and materials provide proven results and solutions for our clients’ pipeline rehabilitation needs.

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