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With more than 15 years of CIPP industry experience, Perma-Liner™ has more than 1,200 installers nationwide and is a leader in the 2”-54” CIPP industry. We have hands-on trainers who come to your location and train your crew on the products we sell and stand behind. Ask any installer who currently has or has had a business relationship with Perma-Liner and you will soon find out you are never left alone and will have steady training and contact throughout the professional relationship.

We offer a vast array of products to our contractors so you can tackle any CIPP project. Our products include the Perma-Lateral™ lining equipment and materials, resins, heat assist equipment, our Perma-Main™ equipment and Point Repair System, among many others.

What sets us apart from most manufacturers? Our 24/7 tech support. Perma-Liner’s certified trainers and tech support department have more than five million linear feet of lining in the ground so our industry expertise is unmatched, and is also something any new installer is seeking when considering this technology.

Perma-Liner’s philosophy is “we are only as successful as our installers,” and all Perma-Liner departments live by this philosophy, especially our marketing department. The Perma-Liner marketing department is a leader in the industry providing nonstop aid in your market area research, lead generation, website assistance, creative design and more. Perma-Liner has not and never will compete against its installer base, so the better prepared you are, the better off we are.

Our dedicated staff is here for you – from answering questions and training your crew on a new technology to hosting a live demonstration onsite. Contact us now for more information.

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