Picote Cutter Systems Distributed by Perma-Liner Industries

Picote OY Ltd., headquartered in Porvoo, Finland has selected Perma-Liner Industries as a North American Distributor for their full line of trenchless drain rehabilitation machinery and tools.

Picote has a growing range of products including the two-part award-winning Smart Cutter™ System for cast iron and concrete pipes. Utilizing a variety of hub sizes, the Smart Cutter when combined with a Picote Milling Machine can re-instate CIPP service laterals with diameters between 1 1/4″ and 8″. The Twister is Picote’s new lateral cutter for plastic pipes and is available in a comprehensive range of sizes.

Smart Cutter™ for cast iron and clay pipe

Smart Cutter™

Used for cast iron and clay pipe, navigates 90° bends and diameter transitions effortlessly.

It accurately shapes openings without accidental damage to original cast iron pipe. The Smart Cutter also removes lead, nails and other inconsistencies in the pipe.

The Smart Cutter is a very economical alternative to robot technology


The Twister™

The Twister, is used for plastic pipe. It opens a lined pipe quickly without damaging the original host pipe.


Picote Drive Units

The Picote Drive Units which are also called “Milling Machines” are the safe, preferred power source for the lateral cutter system. Durable with a light aluminum frame, the drive units are available in three convenient and easily transported sizes.

When combined with the Original grinding chain or the Cyclone grinding chain the drive units, the system provides a powerful solution for cleaning and de-rooting pipes.

If you are looking for more information about Picote products – contact PLI today.

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